7, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Road, Budge Budge
24 Parganas (South), Kolkata - 700137

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033 24701454 | 033 24805168

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Aims & Objective



The College aims to foster an atmosphere of all-round development amongst the students keeping in view the changes in the teaching and learning procedure.With the introduction of newer sugjects in academics and co-curricular activities, the college aims to provide a vibrant campus.The main objectives includes:

1. To provide value based education by inculcating the basic moral values in the minds of students and to nurture the potentials of the students in each dimension.

2. To provide adequate access to apposite resource materials for students and enhance access to modern means of ICT for the students.

3. To serve the rural student community of south 24 (PGS), West Bengal in a bigger prospective and upliftment of the female students so that they can play their part in the society in a better way.