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Waste Management


Waste management is all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. It is important because improperly stored refuse can cause health, safety and economic problems for all, especially among the young students population – the future of our country.

In our college we have to deal basically with four different types of wastes, which include liquid / chemical waste (generated from Chemistry, Zoology, Botany  laboratories), organic waste (generated from Food and Nutrition, Botany and Zoology laboratories), e-waste (Geography, Commerce Laboratories and other computer and electronics related activities) and solid waste (miscellaneous type).

While the chemically combined waste water is automatically drained out through the drainage line, we segregate the used / discarded laboratory apparatus (such as beaker, test tubes, etc) which are very hazardous for health. Organic biodegradable wastes commonly include food waste, fruit and vegetable peels etc. We some times use a small portion of it to beautify our small college garden as manure. Rest of the organic, inorganic wastes and solid wastes (non-biodegradable) collected daily after cleaning the college premises are segregated into non-recyclable and recyclable segments (paper, glass) and properly handed over to relevant waste management local municipal authorities / departments. The e-wastes too are segregated from the rest and handled with care to prevent any harmful exposure.

Thus, through waste segregation and management the college attempts to assist in enhancing the recycling rate, avoid health risks and take a small step towards environmental conservation and sustainable development.