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Completed Projects


1.University Grants Commission funded Minor Research Project on “Biodiversity of microbial fauna with special reference to human parasitic protozoan present in surface and ground water of Calcutta and adjoining region”        approved during IXth Plan period and completed during 10th  Plan Period by Dr. Partha Pratim Chaudhuri, Associate Professor of the Department of Zoology of this college. “Documentation of biodiversity and biodiversity  related knowledge in the South Bawali Gram Panchayet, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal involving local students and teachers” sponsored by the West Bengal Biodiversity Board, coordinated by Dr. Partha Pratim  Chaudhury.

2.University Grants Commission has awarded and financed the Minor Research Project “Body, the Miracle Underneath” during XI th Plan Period to Dr. Kakali Ghoshal, Asst. Professor of the Department of Philosophy of this college. 2009-2011: ‘Body, the Miracle Underneath’, UGC XIth Plan MRP (Tenure 18 months, completed)The letter No –F-PHW-049/09-10, Rs 1,14,000.

3.University Grants Commission has awarded and financed the Minor Research Project. Dr Kakali Ghosal has finished amother MRP titled,’Redefining the Universe: Some Metaphysical Implications, F-PHW-38/12-13 (ERO), Rs 1,04,000, 2012-2014 (Tenure 18 months, completed)


Ongoing Projects

1. Dept of Botany- Dr Debashis Upadhyay, ‘Pollen Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Natural Unifloral Honeys From Coastal Orissa, India’. PSW-050/13-14 dated 18.3.14., 2years, Amount Rs 4,45,000.

2. Dept of Commerce, Dr Gautam Das,’The Aftermrket Performance of Initial Public Offerings (IPOS) and Seasoned Equity Offerings (SEOS) In India: An Event Study Based Approach , Vide Letter No PHW -960/14-15(ERO) dated 3.2.2015., Amount Rs 2,50,000.

3. Dept of Philosophy, Dr Sushmita Bhowmik,’Journey Into The Indian Psyche: A psychological Approach’, UGC Minor Project (ERO) May 2014-2016, Rs 2,45,000.