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24 Parganas (South), Kolkata - 700137

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General Notice

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Campus Rules & Regulations


Students are always expected to maintain discipline and peace in their class rooms, college office, laboratories, library and in the college campus as well for their own interest and also to keep high regard of this institution in this locality. they are expected to behave with modesty and dignity and to maintain necessary to maintain silence while walking down the stairs and corridors and also while moving inside the class rooms during off periods.

However, all students shall keep in mind the following points very seriously :

  • Students are expected to treat the members of the staff and their fellow students with courtesy, both in and out of the college campus.
  • Student must be in their classes when the bell rings at the beginning of each period, they must not enter or leave the class room without permission. they must    attend classes regularly.
  • Loitering in the corridors is strictly prohibited.
  • When assembled in, every class consider itself responsible for the conduct of its members.
  • When a teacher is unable to take his/her class, students must maintain order among themselves so that holding of other classes are not in any way disturbed.
  • The student must not adopt any unfair means at the examination.
  • Unruly behaviours and misconduct in the college premises are forbidden. 
  • College property, furniture, books etc, must be treated with due care. 
  • Gossiping in the Library is strictly forbidden.
  • Breach of discipline of any kind by any student/students shall be seriously dealt with.